The Evidence Archives: Emails

Welcome to the first of our evidential archives which allows you to download email evidence.   Again we thank Simon TheSpaniard for providing us with the emails he has received from MATRIX FREEDOM despite NEVER subscribing to receive emails.   Spaniard has told us that Stamp added him to the MATRIX FREEDOM email lists and despite being told to cease sending emails has continued to do so (we all know that feeling!).

We begin by making available the Marketing Emails sent by MATRIX FREEDOM.

MATRIX FREEDOM employs the a marketing technique of sending emails every few days. This is founded on the principal that “potential customers” possess the attention span of a goldfish (aka “the 15 second attention-span”) – which therefore necessitates regular and frequent reminders and prompting.    We believe that in itself is quite insulting.

The first batch of downloadable pdfs have been uploaded so that you can see the wild and outlandish claims made by Iain Stamp and his team.    These claims have clearly “evolved” as Stamp admits.   In other words – Stamp has regularly “changed/altered” his story.   The same applies to his own personal background as we will demonstrate in forthcoming weeks.

You can also see how the alleged “ownership” of the brand “MATRIX FREEDOM” has altered by looking at the foot of each email.

You may need this evidence if you decide to pursue a court claim against

Iain Stamp dba MATRIX FREEDOM, and;
SENJ Ltd (seychelles) dba MATRIX FREEDOM, and;

MATRIX FREEDOM (Private Members Association)

All of which have, at one time or another been described as having the following Divisions:

  • Mortgage Free
  • Sovereign Reserve
  • Natural Justice

Note: all of these “entities” are apparently part of the Light Energy group of Companies which we can find no evidence of.
If MATRIX FREEDOM is a PMA – how can it be part of a group of companies? – after all: it isn’t a company! (allegedly) – albeit the fact that it is run like a company!

See Below:

Proof that emails were sent claiming a 100% Mortgage Strike-Off track record (and clearly implying previous success eliminating Mortgage debt and claiming Payments Back). 

Proof also of the “Holy Grail” claims by Stamp which he has since denied making.

Proof also of the multiple claims that he can provide “investors” with an infinite return.