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In 2022 negative reports began to emerge on social media concerning the activities of
SENJ LTD (SEYCHELLES) trading as Matrix Freedom, Mortgage Free, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve.

SENJ LTD (SEYCHELLES) which appears to have morphed into MATRIX FREEDOM Private Members Association during May/June 2022 offered a range of Debt Elimination “Services” including:

Mortgage Debt Elimination [for all Mortgages written after 1989]
Mortgage Payment Indemnification with “no adverse-affects” to credit files,
Personal Loan and Credit Card Elimination / Set-Off with “no adverse-affects” to credit files,

Tax Liability Set Off with “no adverse-affects” to credit files.

These Services were advertised on the back of an alleged “Track-Record” which was later implied to be 100% successful.

In addition to Debt Elimination Services, SENJ LTD (SEYCHELLES) offered a range of “Loan Note” / Investment Opportunities which attracted a range of extra-ordinary and unrealistic rates of return:


* 650% (after 1 year)
* 1250% (after 2 years)
* 5900% (after 5 years)

* Infinite Returns

More recently, SENJ LTD appears to have been replaced with the MATRIX FREEDOM Private Members Association, which, until recently, continued to use the trading styles:
Mortgage Free, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve.

The alteration in “organisational status”, has brought with it a new offering: the “Abundance Program” in which “INFINITE” returns are simply offered from day 1/year 1.

In what appears to have been an attempt to avoid regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), Debt Elimination Services were disguised / masked behind an administrative process (the secrets of which were known only to Iain Clifford Stamp and MATRIX FREEDOM Technical Staff).

Customers were invited to employ staff of Natural Justice or Sovereign Reserve (both trading styles of SENJ/MATRIX FREEDOM) to undertake the administrative work on their behalf, often paying 10% of the value of unsecured debts for the “service”, in advance, and in the case of Mortgage Debt circa £4000 per debt.

Ground-Swell of Complaints leads to Private Criminal Investigation:

During 2022 a growing number of members of Empower the People (private members association) (“EtP”) requested assistance from the Association in recovering payments made to MATRIX FREEDOM and or associated companies.

Members complained that they had paid large sums of money to MATRIX FREEDOM and had experienced:

Failure or refusal to deliver administrative services paid for
Poor or non-existent service delivery
Inability to contact Staff
Damaged Credit Ratings
Threats of Repossession
Debt Recovery activity including contact from Debt Collection Agencies

Threats of Court Action

More recently, those who have complained received written threats by both post and email from Iain Clifford Stamp.

A decision was made to provide hands-on assistance to those EtP members affected, a positive consequence of which may enable all affected parties to receive assistance and justice.

Following an internal consultation, EtP have lawfully and formally engaged the services of Gary Summers, Barrister with

Gary is a respected UK barrister with 40 years’ experience. He focuses mainly on private prosecutions, dispute resolution, financial investigations and mediation and crisis management. In private prosecution cases, Gary seeks to identify crimes, perpetrators and backers – including those perverting the course of justice. He files information, procures summonses and prosecutes individuals in the UK courts.

Gary Summers has, in turn, deployed his Investigation team led by Tarique Ghaffur CBE QPM (former Assistant Commissioner of Metropolitan Police) to undertake a private criminal investigation into the activities of Iain Clifford Stamp and MATRIX FREEDOM.

Whilst working with Metropolitan Police, Tarique was:
Head of Central Operations (7500 Police Staff ) including Firearms, Airports, Diplomatic missions, Houses of Parliament & Government Buildings, Traffic, 5000 Events including Football
Head of Specialist Crime Directorate (3500 Detectives) including Critical Incidents, Homicide investigations, Organised Crime, Intelligence, Forensics, International Investigations, Child Protection & Crime Academy
Head of Policy, Inspections, Review & Standards supporting governance transition to Mayor of London
Commander of Policing Westminster (2000 Police Officers + 4 Police Stations)
Deputy Head of Territorial Policing, South London including Operations, Complainants, Media.
Gold Commander for Crises Response within London

Tarique will lead the private criminal investigation team into the activities of Iain Clifford Stamp and MATRIX FREEDOM as directed by Gary Summers.

Tarique and his team have advised based on the initial sift of the available documentation and/or initial evidence, that there is a reasonable suspicion that the following offences may have been committed by Mr Stamp and others working with him:

Conspiracy to defraud [s1, Fraud Act 2006]:

This is the ‘mortgage wipe out’ fraud scam that has been operating between 2019 and 2022 and operated by Mr. Stamp, his agents and employees against unsuspecting members of the public.

Conspiracy to defraud [s1, Fraud Act 2006]:

This is post-mortgage wipe out scam, is currently offered to those [from 2022 onwards] who were defrauded [as well as to the general public who did not sign up to the mortgage scam], a chance to make money or get their mortgage scam money back through a programme called the Abundance Programme. Again, the scam is operated by Mr. Stamp, his agents and employees.

Carrying on regulated activities without authorisation [s23, Financial Services & Markets Act 2000].

To carry out the activities advertised in a] and b] above, an individual would require authorisation to conduct regulated activities. In a] and b] the activity is a claims management function which requires such authorisation.

Blackmail [s21, Theft Act 1968]:

This potentially has occurred in a number of cases where Mr. Stamp made unwarranted demands for further investment and or the performance of certain actions, against victims of the mortgage wipe out scam.

If you have paid money to MATRIX FREEDOM or Iain Clifford Stamp in anticipation of receiving any of the services highlighted above, please provide us with your contact details and a brief account of your experience here:

Empower the People are assisting the investigation team by gathering initial feedback from victims on behalf of Gary Summers.

Empower the People invites assistance to finance the private criminal investigation as the UK fraud enforcement and investigation for what are considered low value victim frauds seems to have been completely downgraded with the police and the authorities not seeing the bigger picture of multiple victims.

Thank you

[Press release approved by Gary Summers]


Many of us are recently awakened to the Scam of the SYSTEM and that explains why we were susceptible to falling for the slick marketing campaign of MATRIX FREEDOM. We never expected anyone associated with the Truth Movement to be so underhand.

We know that MATRIX FREEDOM have NOT delivered on promises and we also know that Iain 
Stamp clearly stated he had a 100% record in wiping off mortgages (something he now denies) – see the Email Evidence and Videos for proof of what he said!

Iain Stamp also – clearly stated – that Credit Ratings would NOT be affected by using the debt write off service.


Now Iain Stamp is attempting to say that he himself was misled by TheSpaniard – yet it was TheSpaniard who exposed Iain Stamp.

Alleged Court Actions by Stamp

During 2022 Iain Clifford Stamp sent his customers multiple emails stating that he had instigated legal proceedings against TheSpaniard. 


Since February 2023, Iain Clifford Stamp has sent his customers multiple emails stating that he has instigated legal proceedings against TheSpaniard, Simone Marshall, and Mark Moxom.  We have had legal representatives check with the Royal Courts of Justice.


We can confirm that in addition to the private criminal investigation (which – at this stage – we can only say: may result in private criminal proceedings) – TheSpaniard himself has engaged legal counsel to sue Iain Clifford Stamp for harassment, including acts of defamation and passing-off (fraud), plus multiple other acts of fraudulent misrepresentation (with regards to his public statements). 


Be aware that Iain Clifford Stamp is now claiming that he has no unhappy Customers and that the complaints which his customers have made are all fake. 

By making these claims – Stamp has contradicted himself because he himself has received so many requests for refunds and so many complaints that he was forced to make public statements to the effect that “NO REFUNDS” are due.  And he has even written to his customers threatening them with liens if they don’t sign up to his new unproven and zero track-record “ABUNDANCE-PROGRAM” [“blackmail”].  

He also claims that the private criminal investigation being undertaken by Gary Summers of is also fake – despite the fact that he himself attempted to recruit Gary Summers to act for him (via email and phone call) – his approach being rebuffed.


IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP is a shrewd operator and we believe he is engaged in a mass advertising campaign to make it appear that he is the victim – when in fact he has done the same thing many time before. We appreciate that some people have “invested” or “spent” many £000’s with MATRIX FREEDOM. If he has to point to the results of others to justify what he is selling – just be aware that advertising the results of others DOES NOT mean that Iain Clifford Stamp can achieve the same results.