It's a Money Laundering Operation!

Iain Stamp is NOT interested in the Freedom Movement. 

When he first came into the movement – he said that he had “woken-up” in 2019 after his FCA case – but has since changed that [hi]story and now says that he woke up in 2008! 
He clearly thinks this gives him more “credibility”.   

In a video, soon to be released, Stamp can be seen ridiculing members of the Freedom Movement whose data he had shared illegally and unlawfully! 

He is heard saying to his team – “what are they going to do? Protest with placards – they won’t do anything”

In the meantime – listen to Stamp and staff collude to Launder Money. Racketeering is defined as:
“the act or practice of making money through dishonest or illegal activities”

It is well know among Stamp’s team that he wishes to purchase a £4million Castle
in the South of England so that he – and he alone can live in it! 

But Remember – it’s not about the Money!

If you have been unable to obtain a REFUND from your BANK – we suggest that you send the BANK a copy of the videos below – or a link to this page!

The content of the videos should show your BANK that you have been duped!  

Some people have been denied refunds by MATRIX FREEDOM because Stamp claims that MATRIX FREEDOM has no money!   Now you know that’s TRUE but ONLY because he has moved the money elsewhere!!!

Private Members Association:

Stamp claims MATRIX FREEDOM is a PMA.  If that were true then ALL MONIES received by MATRIX FREEDOM are the property of the members! 

Likewise – a PMA is supposed to have it’s OWN Bank Account for fiduciary purposes!  Clearly Stamp is operating this PMA as his own play-thing.  Just remember – in a PMA you can vote him out! 

Does this Sound like Money Laundering to You?

Loads-a-Money: They're all Smiles even though they Cannot Deliver on their Promises!