Many of those who Interviewed Stamp have since removed the Interviews from their platforms.

Want Proof?

Just Ask: Mark Devlin, Chris Rice from Rice Media, Dr Sam White, Philly J. Lay

for their thoughts and opinions

They ALL distanced themselves from Iain Stamp once they realised the Truth

Can yo Really Blame them?

Pointless Testimonials

Now look at the Testimonials that Stamp promotes on his emails and Website

There are few - if any - which actually cite RESULTS!

Stamp Claims to have 50Million Members on his Platform

In 2023 he began a "Petition" seeking just 2000 signatures

See attached Image with Date Stamp

Bottom Right of the Image

What does he hope to change with 2000 signatures? - a Lightbulb?

We suspect 50 Million members is a lie!

Petition Started: March 2023